Sustainable solar solutions for the commercial industry

We develop, install and finance turnkey solar energy projects.

Here's what we do.

Scout Solar works with you to understand all of your questions regarding solar, from system design to financing options, making the solar installation process simple and efficient.
Financing and Incentives

Scout Solar navigates the incentive process for our clients, maximizing grants and tax incentives available to the system owner or investors.

State and Utility Incentives

Many states have passed Renewable Energy Standards that require utilities to have a certain portion of the power generated to be from clean renewable resources such as solar.

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)

Under MACRS, business are able to recover additional costs related to a solar installation. That means that an investor can recover the cost faster.

Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering department completes the design of your solar system, including location and specification of all equipment and POIs.

Project Management

Our project managers have directly oversight and interact with each of our dedicated specialists including engineering, procurement, construction and electrical teams.

Construction and Interconnection

An experienced construction management team is critical to successful project execution. Scout Solar manages the entire project from start to finish.

Installing solar has a tangible impact on the environment by actively reducing the carbon footprint of your business and building.
Unlike coal or natural gas, photovoltaic solar produces electricity with no greenhouse gas emmisions.

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